About Us

Breaking Bread is Canadaโ€™s first halal web series that profiles halal restaurants in and around the GTA. Co-creators Salima Jivraj and Sheba Siddiqui cover all things halal with local Toronto chefs featuring key dishes and recipes, from the most well-known halal restaurants to local greasy spoons.

Season 1 of Breaking Bread takes you on a journey across many different cuisines, palates and mouth-watering downhome dishes. Sheba learns how to make Uygur hand-pulled noodles, dines on some traditional Somali fare, smashes a few burgers and much more.

Breaking Bread hopes to break down barriers in the Muslim community and showcase all of the amazing food, culture and people our communities have to offer. Stay tuned for an exciting season that showcases Torontoโ€™s halal diversity.